Note: The second update of the Mass Effect: The Milky Way series.

In the North of one of Ferust's major cities, Hanvhar, lies Solidarity station. The privatized research platform has three known designations; the Hanvhar Plateau Station (HPS), Hanvhar North Station (HNS) or Solidarity Station. The station is also located north of the Hanvhar city area and south-west of the capital, Horizon or New Horizon in full form.

This particular station operates outside of the radar of Hanvhar and Horizon government authorities. Laws set for these colonies do not apply in the Plateau region where land has been restricted to access by Station employees, officials and associates. Despite it's name, the Hanvhar colonial government have no interactions with the station with the exception of maintained communication (base communication does not release any information on its actvities) which is essential for all colonies and bases on Ferust. But of course, many rogue settlements still sit isolated from this chain of communication and remain totally invisible to higher authorities.

The only information colonial governments have obtained about Solidarity is that the station employs biological research which is used by an unknown source company which funds the research and testing that is performed in Solidarity Station. There are other facilities surrounding Solidarity, and the proximities of these platforms suggest they're interconneceted by subterranean tunnel systems. One facility outside of Solidarity, which is located south from the base and across a river is particularly referred to as

Mast-One, a name obtained from past communication interception.

Accessing the remote and isolated Solidarity Station can only be done by flying to the station as there are no known access routes by ground transport. This explains the reason for each main facility to have a hangar area to access the station.


approx. 1024 x 8600 px. each

During the evening, the stations seem fairly quiet with no odd occurances. The most significant phenomenon sighted in this area was an increasingly bright blue light eminating from Mast-One. Other reports from wandering intruders originating from Horizon, Hanvhar, Endeavor and Parthense have not been proven to be true and stealth surveillance over the area give colony government's and other planetary system government's; particularly Earth, insight on the activities of Solidarity. Discounting the previous statements, Solidarity poses some interest to governments but is essentially no different to other research platforms.

By morning, the situation on Solidarity barely changes. Activity outside is low, nothing more than passing transport vehicles and employed scientists walking from facility to facility. Unfortunately, it's quiet status though is becoming a growing concern for the colony

governments of the neighboring Hanvhar and Horizon.

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